Karen Silver Gray Wax Linen Necklace

Karen Silver Gray Wax Linen Necklace

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Lovely Karen Silver Charm on a waxed linen necklace.  

What is Karen Silver?

Karen Silver is a type of silver used by members of the Karen Tribe of Northern Thailand for making ornaments and jewelry. Thailand is home to a large number of Karen people from Myanmar who have settled along the boundaries of Thailand and Myanmar. Since 1949, the Karen people have been waging war against the National Government of Myanmar, and because of this protracted war, many of the Karen people from Myanmar had settled along the fringes of Myanmar and Thailand.

People, especially, those of the Kayan tribe, have long believed that silver has magical power, and this belief is of ancient origin. Women of the Kayan tribe, for example, wore neck-rings and other ornaments made of silver alloys. These neck-rings and ornaments are said to remind them of their ancient origin—the Mother Dragon. The Kayan tribe strongly believe that the ancient Mother Dragon mated with humans and her offspring became the present-day Karen people. Due to this belief, they eventually begin to attribute healing power to the silver neck-rings that they wear.