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BuDha Girl Bangles with Crystals

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f you love our gold and silver All Weather Bangles, then you will swoon over our latest: Black All Weather Bangles. These über-chic black polycarbonate bangles have a BuDhaGirl bead featuring our BuDhaGirl CHOP logo surrounded by 30 Swarovski crystals. BuDhaGirls will love all the same qualities found in the gold and silver All Weather Bangles: They are light, they don't make a sound (you are welcome!), are water resistant (perfect for active wear or poolside gatherings), they are TSA proof (you can travel and still be chic? what is that all about?) and they help us set our intentions for the day while we put them on in the morning and they help us be grateful when we take them off in the evening.  In our minds, All Weather Bangles are the most complete piece of jewelry we have ever encountered. This daily routine of putting them on and taking them off will quickly become a ritual and will settle your mind at the beginning and end of each day.  Remember: We are what we think...