When I became a Jivamutki Yoga Teacher, I started exploring essential oils. As a yoga student, while in savasana my teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, would massage a sweetly scented lotion on my neck and it ALWAYS relaxed my busy mind. As I began to teach, my intention was to assist my students into a relaxed state as deeply as my own teachers did for me. I first started massaging pure geranium oil on my students. It smelled great but way too strong and overpowering!

As I experimented with other essential oils I created the synergy blend that is now Indu. I would sit on my apartment floor in Manhattan, jug of lotion in hand, essential oil beakers everywhere and I would shake, shake, and shake! I hadn't even planned to mix it with a mantra, but as I began to shake the lotion, the mantra began to evolve. Om namah shivaya, om namah shivaya, om namah shivaya, om namah shivaya. Sung to a Krishna Das melody, mantra and lotion mixing were the perfect marriage.